Our Author: Pragati Shukla

Pragati Shukla

  • To swing the odds in your favour, have a sense of humour by your side. For something I just jotted down, that's a mighty impressive line. Feel free to quote me on that in future. Oh, did I tell you I'm humble too?

    Stuff I love: Stand-up comedy, 90s Hollywood, Internet faddism, heavy metal, Futurama, comics, Mustang (the car, not the animal) Whose Line Is It Anyway? (The show), 80s pop.

    People I love: David Thorne, Adam Sandler, William Fritzsimmons, Mitch Hedberg, Sub-Zero, Steve Oedekerk, Louis C.K., Kristen Wiig.

    Things that don't agree with me: Flimsy phone covers and cats.

    Although putting on five kilos while working on a food website isn’t unheard of, I dream about lunch-time every hour as well.