Cheese Chilli Dosa Recipe

Cheese Chilli Dosa
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Ingredients of Cheese Chilli Dosa

  • 1/2 kg rice

    100 gm urad dal

    50 gm chana dal

    Salt - to taste

    50 gm cheddar cheese

    Chilly flakes

How to Make Cheese Chilli Dosa

  • Soak the rice and dals overnight. Then mix them together, add the salt and grind it well to a consistent flowing batter.

    Heat the tawa and sprinkle some water and then oil on it.

    Pour some batter, spread it in a circular motion and sprinkle some more oil on it.

    Add the grated cheese and chilly flakes.

    Fold it carefully when brown in colour.

    Serve hot with coconut and tomato chutney.

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