Fruit Yogurt Recipe

Fruit Yogurt
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Serves - 4
Cook Time -

Ingredients of Fruit Yogurt

  • 500ml milk

    Seasonal fruits

    Dry fruits

    Yoghurt culture

    Mango / strawberry pulp / fruit pulp of your choice


How to Make Fruit Yogurt

  • Bring milk to a boil and allow it to cool to a temperature of 37-40⁰C.

    Wash the fruits, peel them , chop them into small bits and big chunks.

    Add the fruit pulp, fruit bits, fruit chunks and chopped dry fruits to the milk cooled to the desired temperature.

    Add 2 spoons of the yoghurt culture. Stir well.

    Cover and incubate at a warm place.

    Keep undisturbed for a 6-8 hours.

    Top the set yoghurt with fruits, fruit sauce, dry fruits.

    Chill and serve cool.

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