Stewed Fruits with Mascarpone Recipe

Stewed Fruits with Mascarpone
Serves - 4
Cook Time -

Ingredients of Stewed Fruits with Mascarpone

  • 2 pears

    2 mangoes

    2 apples

    2 Tbsp of dark rum

    50 gms castor sugar

    1 cinnamon stick

    2 Tbsp  rosewater


    For Mascarpone Cream and Biscuit Layer

    2 Tbsp of mascarpone cheese

    1/2 cup of double cream

    1/4 cup of castor sugar

    2 Tbsp of rum

    2 packets of butter digestive biscuits

How to Make Stewed Fruits with Mascarpone

  • Take some pears, mangoes, apples, a dash of rum, sugar, cinnamon, little bit of water, few drops of rosewater, butter and let it simmer in a pan with the lid on.

    Whisk some mascarpone cheese, cream, sugar, a little bit of rum, until light and stiff.

    To serve: Layer a shot glass with the stewed fruits then add a next layer of cream, followed by a layer of biscuit and serve.

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