Summer Fruits with Homemade Custard

Summer Fruits with Homemade Custard
Serves - 4
Cook Time -


  • 1 vanilla bean

    500 ml milk

    6 Tbsp sugar

    8 large egg yolks

    Seasonal fruits of your choice, chopped


  • Open up the vanilla bean completely and scrape out the vanilla seeds.

    In a pot put the vanilla seeds along with 500 ml of milk, 500 ml cream, 4 tbsp sugar and let it come to a boil.

    In another bowl put egg yolks along with 2 tbsp sugar and whisk.

    Once the milk and cream mixture is boiled strain the extra vanilla beans and keep stirring through out.

    Add the vanilla and milk mixture one ladle at a time into the beat eggs while continuing to whisk the eggs.

    Repeat till the vanilla and milk mixture is finished.

    Transfer all the egg mixture into the pot and keep stirring while its on the flame until it becomes thick and golden,

    To Serve: In a martini glass place the chopped fruits and pour the custard and serve.

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