Three Style Mushroom Cheung Fun

Three Style Mushroom Cheung Fun
Chef -
Serves - 2
Restaurant - Yauatcha, Mumbai
Prep Time -
Cook Time -


  • 40 gms shiitake mushrooms

    40 gms of oyster mushrooms

    40 gms shimeji mushrooms

    120 gms cheung fun mix batter

    10 ml cheung fun soya sauce

    Salt to taste


  • Par boil all mushrooms and drain the water.

    Stir fry to cook the par boiled mushrooms in a wok, add salt to taste.

    Spread the cheung fun mix batter on the flat steamer to cook the batter.

    Spread the mushroom filling and roll the Cheung Fun mix batter sheet over the mushroom filling.

    Remove from steamer and serve with light warm soya sauce.

Key Ingredients

soya sauce, salt, shiitake mushroom, oyster mushrooms, soy sauce,

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