Chef Vicky Ratnani Gives A Western Spin To Classic Dishes

Vicky Goes Desi

Some classic dishes remain close to our hearts. In this episode of Vicky Goes Desi, chef Vicky Ratnani redefines some of India's classic dishes by adding a western spin to them. He takes the good old classic Baingan Ka Bharta all the way to Mexico and turns it into Fajitas made with Black Rice, served with a side of Guacamole and a yogurt dip.

Heard of Chicken Do Pyaaza right? Well, chef Vicky adds his own twist to the age old recipe and creates a brand new dish - Brown Rice Do Pyaaza with Chicken. There's something for vegetarians too, a steak! Chef Vicky Ratnani makes a wholesome steak for vegetarians using Paneer with a Do Pyaaza twist. Saving the best for last, he creates corn meal.

Why wait? Step into your desi kitchens and add these redefined classic dishes into your daily meals!

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